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basic model prefab house

  • Steel frame villa
  • Steel frame villa
  • Steel frame villa
  • Steel frame villa
  • Steel frame villa
Steel frame villaSteel frame villaSteel frame villaSteel frame villaSteel frame villa

Steel frame villa

  • Model: WZH-PF-VH002
  • Frame: steel frame
  • Panel: sandwich panel
  • size: customized
  • Product description: WEIZHENGHENG prefabricated house is a kind of detachable, removable, reusable and unitized industrial building product by taking light steel as the skeleton and sandwich plate as the enclosures materi

Weizhengheng Group offer u different types prefabricated house, this is housing system based on the steel structure,and the will enclosures material will be different kinds of composed material which has a customized looking besides the traditional use old the building ,this kind of the house is mainl used as the villa ,the engineer room.

1. Steel Frame: high quality steel structure 4mm steel profile

2. Wall Panel:

1) 50mm/75mm/100mm sandwich board(with EPS, PU for its inter layer)

2) Cement & EPS sandwich panel

3. Roof Panel:

1) 50mm/75mm/100mm sandwich board(with EPS, PU for its inter layer)

2) Color-glazed roof sheet

4. Windows: Aluminum alloy window or plastic steel windows

5. Doors: sandwich board door or aluminum alloy door

6. Bathroom: it will be equipped with one toilet bowl, one wash basin, one shower equipment( alternative)

7. Kitchen: it will be equipped with one kitchen cabinet(alternative)

8. Electricity: we will supply all the electricity system and equipment(alternative)

9. Color: you can choose any color you like(both for the outside and inside)

Steel frame

Wall or roof panel

1.Sample free.the freight cost will be paid by customers.

2.You are very welcome to visit our factory before the order,or during the prodction or after the production before loading.

3.We are very professional in all kinds of different payment terms,FOB,CIF,CFR,CIP by sea container or by train.

4.For the steel frame you are very welcome to offer your own design,or you give us your ideas,we can supplies our design,the production,the loading all for you.

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