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K type prefabricated house

  • K house-2 floors
  • K house-2 floors
  • K house-2 floors
  • K house-2 floors
  • K house-2 floors
K house-2 floorsK house-2 floorsK house-2 floorsK house-2 floorsK house-2 floors

K house-2 floors

  • Model: WZH-PF-KH001
  • Frame: steel frame
  • Panel: sandwich panel
  • size: customized
  • Product description: WEIZHENGHENG prefabricated house is a kind of detachable, removable, reusable and unitized industrial building product by taking light steel as the skeleton and sandwich plate as the enclosures materi

The steel frame of this kind of house is a light steel structure, safe and reliable, consistent structural design specification; demolition transportation, installation convenient, flexible interior layout; doors, windows in each K, in any setting; walls can be vertical, horizontal design of any; structural waterproofing, simple structure, for multiple off-site turnover repeated use of any combination of : low wear and tear, long life, much lower than the average cost of any other type of housing, as well as environmentally.

Weizhengheng modular house have the different solution for the different costumer need.

 Building site temporary office, mine area temporary house, temporary bedroom
 Sales kiosk, guard room, sale point, mobile toilet
 Urban commercial: temporary store, school, hospital, parking lots, show rooms, warehouse, gas station
 Outside field site : electric control house, field work house
 Urgent case using house : headquarters, public accommodation

 Temporary accommodation for road, railway and building construction site, etc.

WEIZHENGHENG K-type prefabricated house is a housing system based on the steel structure, the sandwich plate as the enclosures material to make spatial organization based on standard module, and using the bolt to connect the components.

Standard model of K type prefabricated house

Span: 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K

Length:  n* K

Height: 3P, 6P, 9P

Standard width of the room is 2K, 3640mm, 5460mm. n K * nK * n P means the width *span* height, K=1820mm, P=950mm, n refers to an arbitrary number of integers that is >2. 3P means one layer, 6P means two layers, and 9P means three layers.

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