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  • Open Bays 6m x 12m Colour
Open Bays 6m x 12m Colour

It’s Aussie made and built with strong steel to ensure it’s strong and sturdy to last a lifetime.

The design gives you quick and easy access for regularly used machinery or cars as well as flexibility to do what you want with the space.

It features a gable roof with 3 meters wall height (it can be upgraded to 3.6m) and a 12 meters range in length. No doubt that this farm shed can be put to good use.

You can order this model to be delivered to you flat packed with all the necessary parts you need for the installation.

Manufacturer wzheasyhouse
Model garages
Roof Type Gable
Size 5914mm (width) x 11764mm (length)
Height 3m (Wall) / 3.793m (Gable)
Material Colour Steel

Product comes with 20 year warranty.

*These buildings are manufactured to orders and manufacturing process can take up to 3 weeks.



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