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  • Farm Shed 6m x 6m Colour
Farm Shed 6m x 6m Colour

Are you looking for an affordable storage shed for your farm?

Well, this Farm Shed is roomy enough to store two tractors side by side as well as some extra equipment and it comes at a super low price.

But don’t think it's ‘cheap’. It has been manufactured using top grade steel by local manufacturers so that you can rest easy knowing your equipment will be protected from the harsh Australian climate.

There are 8 different colours and combinations to choose from and it also features a skillion roof to ensure there is sufficient run off during wet weather plus it provides extra height at the front for taller front end trucks or tractors.

The 6m x 6m shed comes flat packed, with all the parts included so it’s ready to be put together.

Manufacturer wzheasyhouse
Model garages
Roof Type Skillion
Size 5914mm (width) x 5914mm (length)
Height 3m (front) / 2.7m (rear)
Wind Rating W41
Material Colour Steel

This farm shed features 20 years warranty.

*These buildings are manufactured to orders and manufacturing process can take up to 3 weeks.



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